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A tractor plows snow on a residential street at dusk, with streetlights glowing and a vibrant sunset in the background.

We are a home for entrepreneurs

With us you get a sparring partner and together we drive forward to increase competitiveness.

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At Green Landscaping Group, we work with grounds maintenance, green space management and landscaping. We consist of companies supplying safe, functional and beautiful outdoor environments for residents and users in residential areas and cities. Our companies run their businesses independently, yet with the benefits of a larger group and access to a network of colleagues working in the same field.

A home for entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, this summarizes our acquisition strategy. The ownership horizon is indefinite and we never acquire companies with the intention of later divesting them. Are you running a profitable company in our industry and are thinking of selling? If so, we'd like to touch base with you.  

We have an evergreen perspective, and we offer our companies a home, not just a way station. It’s how we view our ownership and what influences our behaviour.

We offer an attractive decentralized model for entrepreneurs. You retain the freedom to run your business as you see fit, and under your current brand name. With us, you get colleagues and a wider network. With us you get a sparring partner and together we drive to increase competitiveness.

Reach out to us, our lines are open!

Jakob Körner

Head of M&A

Johannes Vock

General Manager DACH

Arek Gora

M&A Germany