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Sunlit garden path lined with lush green grass and colorful flowers, leading towards a shaded tree area, with a glimpse of a wooden building on the left.

Our Sustainability Work

Sustainable ground maintenance for people and the environment

For maintenance and landscaping of outdoor environments, the fundamental point of departure is responsibility for people and the environment. Upon the foundation of a safe, secure and stimulating work environment for our employees, we supply safe, functional and beautiful outdoor environments for residents and users in residential areas and cities.

The population in Sweden is growing and there is also a trend of increasing urbanization, with more people moving to cities and central locations. This increases the need for more urban green areas and that is where Green Landscaping’s operations can add the most value. We shall contribute with economic, social, environmental and climate-related sustainable investments and initiatives that create a healthy society and thriving entrepreneurship.

Read our Sustainability reports here

Part of our core business is to
to deal with the consequences of climate change and
promote people's health through proximity to green areas. In addition, we are continuously working on making our operations increasingly carbondioxide neutral.

Johan Nordström CEO
A woman in a cap and apron gardening in a sunlit flower bed with another person in the background.

Winner of FSN Capital’s ESG Award 2017

Green Landscaping is very proud to have won the FSN Capitals award for best ESG portfolio (Environmental, Social and Governance) 2017.

The price is motivated by a high level of awareness about ESG and efforts in daily operations that focus on sustainability, continuous improvement and progress.

View the full report from FSN Capital and interview with Greens CEO Johan Nordström (pp. 28-29).

Contact person regarding Sustainability

Magnus Larsson

Head of investor relations