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A woman and a small child walk on a sidewalk, surrounded by autumn foliage and buildings, illuminated by a warm sunset.

Green Landscaping Group

Green Landscaping Group is a home for entrepreneurs. The service areas it is involved in are landscaping and construction, ground maintenance and snow & ice removal.

It is becoming multi-national, with the spirit of small company entrepreneurship by acquiring successful companies with these qualities: skilled in their trade and professionally run, sound values and a track record of high profitability. Entrepreneurial spirit is a central theme in the Green Landscaping family. Once acquired, companies run their business as before, yet with the benefits of a larger group and access to a network of colleagues working in the same field, along with more opportunities to develop on a professional level. They become part of an environment with access to the larger company’s resources. As the Group grows and develops, benefits flow to customers, employees and owners alike. The Group has a long-term perspective and the companies that belong to it have a home here.