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Green Landscaping Group expands in Germany through the acquisition of Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau


2024-03-28 07:30 CET

Green Landscaping Group (Publ) acquires Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau, a company providing ground maintenance and landscaping services for outdoor environments and recycling of landscaping materials in Baden Württemberg, Germany.

Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau was founded in 1968 as a family business and is today run by the second generation, Mr. Rainer Lässle together with 25 employees.
The company is based in Ortenau, Lahr/Schwarzwald, Germany. It provides services in ground maintenance and landscaping for outdoor environments, including recycling of landscaping materials. Net sales in 2023 amounted to approximately EUR 3.3 million with a profit margin exceeding that of Green Landscaping Group.

„With this acquisition, Green Landscaping Group takes another step into the market in south Germany. Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau has delivered high-quality services for generations with a strong customer focus, good profitability, and a sound corporate culture. We are pleased to have Mr. Rainer Lässle and his employees on board on this journey,” comments Stephan Stieglauer, Regional Manager, Green Landscaping Group Germany.

„I have followed Green Landscaping Group´s journey in Germany and have become familiar with its business philosophy through many fruitful conversations with both the companies that are already part of the group as well as with the management of Green Landscaping Group. My aim is to safeguard Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau for the future, and to retain the current workforce. Furthermore, I would like to continuously develop our high standards of quality, reliability and expertise, which can be best achieved by joining the Green Landscaping Group. I am very pleased to be part of the Green Landscaping Group,“ says Mr. Rainer Lässle, Owner and CEO, Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau.

Green Landscaping Group acquires 100 percent of the shares and operations in Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau, including its two subsidiaries, with immediate access. The acquisition is financed with cash and through the transfer of shares in Green Landscaping Group.

The previous owner of Lässle Landschaftsbau & Tiefbau is now a shareholder in Green Landscaping Group AB.